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Louisiana Wild Hog Hunting
 (Razorback Boars)
Louisiana Wild Hog Hunts with
Bayou Teche Hunting Presere
Guided and Unguided
Louisiana Hog Hunts
Buckeyes Plantation Covington Ga 30014 Georgia
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Guided Louisiana Trophy (Wild Razorback Boar) Hog Hunting . Still Louisiana Wild Hog hunts out of blinds are available starting at $50.00 a day hunt daytime and nite time  with a kill fee of a dollar per pound on wild meat hogs taken . Louisiana Hog hunts are conducted in low lined hardwoods bottoms woodlands. True Razor Back Wild Boars are located on free range Private hunting land.  Lodging available, Hog Cleaning and meals are available at Bayou Teche Hunting Preserve.
Louisiana wild Hog Hunting - Louisiana  Hog Hunting - Hog Hunting - Wild Hog Hunting
Louisiana Wild Hog Hunting Descent Product
Louisiana Wild Razor Back Hog Hunting

· Basic “meat hunts” are $50.00 a day for daytime hunts with a kill fee of $1.00 per pound. This is any hog with up to an inch of tusks.  Nitetime is the best hunting success rates.

Spot lighting legal for
Louisiana Wild Boar Hog Hunts March 1st thru Aug 15 . $50.00 for the hunt and a dollar a pound kill fee with out lodging and with lodging $90.00 per man with no kill fee on the first hog and a dollar a pound on any other hogs killed.
Louisiana Wild Hunting - Louisiana Hog Hunts - Louisiana Wild Hog Hunts - Wild Hog  Hunts - Hog  Hunts - Hog Hunting
Louisiana Hog Hunting Repellent for Mosquito
Outlaw Quadrupeds (Armadillos, Coyotes, Feral Hogs)
Wild Hog Hunts in louisiana wild hogs in Louisiana Hun5ting preserve with wild hogs
Louisiana Wild Hog at Bayou Teche Hunting Preserve
Breaux Bridge Louisiana Crawfish Festival
Louisiana Hog Hunters can enjoy the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival during the first weekend of May
Louisiana Bed and Breakfast - Breaux Bridge Louisiana Bed and Breakfast
Breaux Bridge Louisiana Bed and Breakfast at Bayou Teche Bed and Breakfast. Call MaryLynn at 337-332-1049 or 337-849-6724 to book your room.
Nighttime Take of Nuisance Animals & Outlaw Quadrupeds

On private property, the landowner, or his lessee or agent with written permission and the landowner’s contact information in his possession, may take outlaw quadrupeds (coyotes, armadillos and feral hogs), nutria or beaver during the nighttime hours from one-half hour after official sunset on the last day of February to one-half hour after official sunset the last day of August of that same year. Beginning Aug. 15, 2011, the method of such taking shall be with any legal firearm and may be with or without the aid of artificial light, infrared or laser sighting devices, or night vision devices. Anyone taking part in these activities at night is required to notify the parish sheriff’s office 24 hours in advance of any such hunt.

Sound Suppressors – Legal Use for Take of Outlaw Quadrupeds at Night
Beginning Aug. 15, 2011, outlaw quadrupeds may be taken at night using sound suppressors on the firearm(s) utilized. Anyone using such a weapon must have in possession a valid permit issued by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. The use of sound suppressed weapons is restricted to the take of outlaw quadrupeds, including armadillos, coyotes and feral hogs, from March through August on private property.
Wild boar Hunting at nite for razorback pigs
Nite Hunting for Louisiana wild hogs - texas Louisiana wild Hog hunting
Louisiana Hog Dogs on Louisiana Wild Razor Back Hog

 We can recommend an excellent taxidermist that specializes in hogs if you desire. If you have your own, we will cape your mount to his specifications.

Equipment: Hunters should bring their personal hunter safety belts, flashlights, insect repellant, appropriate camo clothing, video camera (if desired), and at least two coolers. Firearms should be of deer hunting calibers . Hogs are tough and difficult to put down so no .22 calibers, buckshot, or expanding broad heads allowed. For best results for seeing Wild Hogs Hunters should decent them selfs by using de scenting soaps for body, Hair, cloths, carrying bag for descented cloths, and pig bombs fruit punch scent or Sow in heat.

For more information for your Louisiana Wild Boar Hog Hunt you can call Mike Guillory at
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Wild Hog Hunting near Lafayette , Baton Rouge , New Orleans

Wild Hog Hunting in Louisiana
Wild Hogs in Louisiana
Wild Hog Hunting in Louisiana
Louisiana Hog Hunting
Louisiana Wild Hog Hunting
Louisiana Pig Hunting
Louisiana Wild Pig Hunting
Louisiana Wild hog Hunts near Baton Rouge Lafayette Baton  Rouge Alexandria)
Louisiana Wild Meat Hog 70’  pound SOW

Louisiana Hog  Hunting  Hog Bomb for descenting

non sented soap
Louisiana Descent
Products for Wild Hog Hunting
desenting products
Most Descent Products for Hog Hunting can Befound at Academy for Louisiana Wild Hog Hunting
Louisiana Hog Hunters lodging at Lake Martin Cajun Cottage lodging Breaux Bridge Bayou Teche Cabin along the Bayou Teche
Lodging for Louisiana Wild Hog Hunters at the ajun Cottage at Lake Martin
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